Cala de Sant Francesc Blanes (The bay of Sant Francesc)

Cala de Sant Francesc (The bay of Sant Francesc)

This amazingly beautiful Cala de Sant Francesc is situated north to Blanes.
It has one of my favorite beaches in the Blanes area because of its rock formations on both sides and in the water. This is the perfect place to go swimming or snorkeling, but fishing is not allowed.
It’s not very big and in the high season often fully packed with mostly local people.
It has a good sized restaurant with toilet facilities and a public ‘should be drinkable’ water tap.
They have their own beach security in case of any emergencies.

A very picturesque place

There are pathways on both sides (leading to basically nowhere) that are perfect for making the most beautiful pictures. From these pathways you have a beautiful view over the Costa Brava. For that reason, you should always bring your camera! Take note that some parts are inaccessible because of rock falling. Although this might seem dangerous, all the risky parts are closed down.

If you want to go by car

Getting there by car is easy, normally there are sufficient (in the high season paid) parking spaces or free parking spaces further uphill. Navigate yourself to the following address:

Passeig Bitácora, no number, 17300 Blanes, Girona

Walking to Cala de Sant Francesc

*Image Ermita de Sant Francesc.

Walking there from Blanes is also doable but it’s quite a hike. You can reach it by following the path towards the Botanic Garden Marimurtra which is on the same hill as the castle of San Joan. Leave the botanic garden to your left and follow the curvy road until you reach a white chapel (Ermita de Sant Francesc). At the white chapel you can walk down towards the bay. If your going on foot navigate yourself to the address below:

Carrer de l’Ermita, 10, 17300 Blanes, Girona

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