The harbor of Blanes, fish auction and beautiful hidden beach!

The harbor of Blanes

Blanes has always been a typical harbor town and fishing is still a very important commerce.
At the docks you can notice that halve of the harbor is still used for commercial purposes, and the other half is for recreational use.
There are also lots of bars and (mainly fish) restaurants surrounding the harbor.
Although there are always people around, it´s still a place of ¨tranquilidad”. This is my favorite place to find a quiet spot, and just gaze at the incoming and outgoing boats.


Fish auction

At the harbor you’ll find a big blue building and that’s where the local fish auctions are held.
Every weekday (Monday – Friday) it’s open to public to take a look at the auction. Except if the weather doesn´t allow fishing, because they only auction daily fresh fish.
You can see the auction from upstairs where they specially designed a balcony for visitors.
They have free entrance and a place with spectacular views over the harbor.

They are open two times a day:
In the mornings from 07:30 – 09:00.
In the afternoon from 16:15 – 18:00.
(The closing times are an estimate, and usually depend on how many fish were caught.)

Take note that as a tourist you are not able to buy fish of the auction, but there is a big chance you’ll see the head chef of tonight’s dinner.

If you want to visit the fish auction, I recommend you got to the small white door at the back. (As where the two men walk from on the image below)
As soon as you enter you’ll find some stairs that will guide you straight to the balcony.

Entrance to the fish auction of Blanes


Small hidden beach

It is funny that most tourists don’t know about this beautiful little bay, at the back of the harbor. I must admit it’s kind of hidden behind big concrete walls, but on the image below you’ll see the place where you can walk up.

Entrance to the small hidden harbor beach in Blanes

*Funny rumor: On top of this image you see the beautiful old monastery where Xavi (the famous FC Barcelona player) got married with his wife Núria. Rumor has it that on the day they wanted to get married, another couple had planned their wedding there. So Xavi offered to pay for the entire wedding if the other couple picked another date. And of course they accepted this!

This beach is made of small and big rocks and therefore not very comfortable to lie down on. But it is the perfect spot to go swimming and especially diving or snorkeling. There is even a small cave where kids like to sit down in as the waves crush into them.
On one side you’ll find this beautiful rock formation and on the other side big squared concrete blocks to protect the harbor walls. You can walk up these walls a bit to find amazing views over the harbor and the bay.


Carrer Esplanada del Port, 17300 Blanes, Girona

Parking prices:

June 1st – September 31st
Per hour: €1,90
24 hours: €7,25

The rest of the year
Per hour: €0.80
24 hours: €3,-

Big parking at the Harbor of Blanes

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