Advertise on What2DoCosta

First of all, your business can´t apply to be featured on our pages in the form of an article or recommendation. Our regional experts hand pick the best places for tourists and we are independent. (In other words, if you have the best place in town we will inform you!).
However, running a website costs money. Especially if you have the ambition to feature all tourist destinations of the Costa. (Even more when you want to do it in record time!) So there is a possibility to advertise on What2DoCosta.


What we offer and want to prevent

What we definitely don´t want, is visitors to be run over by advertisement. We already use an affiliation from to cover some of our costs. (We get a small commission). Therefore, the only thing we can offer is one side banner (above the advertisement) which is available on every page. For example, one on ‘Restaurants in Blanes’ or on our ‘Activities in Girona’ page. Of course, you can advertise on multiple pages.


Prices to advertise on What2DoCosta

For prices and extra information about advertising on, contact us from our contact page.