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Welcome to Ronda!
I´m Stef (Superhost and Co-host) in Ronda. Let me help you find all the best places to visit during your stay!

    Select where you wanna go:

    Best place to start discovering Ronda.
    Alameda del Tajo
    Alameda del Tajo (Google Maps)
    Here you can walk all the way to the end of the park. This is where the cliff is and has beautiful views, a kiosk and public toilets.

    At the end of the park turn left to continue, at the bull fight arena turn right towards:
    Mirador la Sevillana
    Mirador la Sevillana (Google Maps)

    After that just keep following the pathway towards the big bridge which is ironically called "Puente Nuevo" (New bridge):
    Puente Nuevo Ronda
    Puente nuevo Ronda (Google Maps)

    Once you are at the new bridge, it´s time to discover the "Puente Viejo" (Old bridge).
    The most beautiful way to do that is going down through de "Jardines de Cuenca"
    Jardines de Cuenca
    Jardines de Cuenca (Google Maps)

    Down this park is the old bridge, just follow the pathway along the city walls, Arabic baths up into the historical center.
    From there on is so much to see and too much to mention. Explore it!

    *Extra Recommendation! The most beautiful pictures are taking from down below the bridge. There is a (Hard-to-find without GPS) pathway that will guide you there:
    Cuesta de la Risa
    Cuesta de la Risa (Google Maps)

    Have fun, stay hydrated!

    The most popular musea in Ronda are:

    The bull fight arena
    Plaza de Toros de Ronda
    Plaza de Toros de Ronda (Google Maps)

    Arabic baths
    Baños Árabes Yacimiento Arqueológico
    Baños Árabes Yacimiento Arqueológico (Google Maps)

    *Check the links for opening hours and entrance fees.

    By far the best tapas & drinks place of Ronda is "Entre Vinos".
    Entre Vinos
    Entre Vinos (Google Maps)
    Is is a very small place which always fills rapedly. (So be on time when opening or put yourself in the waiting list).
    It has the best quality tapas and the lowest prices. Also a wonderful local red wine you can try here, is called "Lunares".

    Another great place to have some tapas & drinks is "Tabanco Los Arcos".
    Tabanco Los Arcos
    Tabanco Los Arcos (Google Maps)
    This place is perfectly situated with great views, right next to the big bridge.
    Here you can order the favourite local red wine of most people from Ronda "Encaste".

    A good restaurant that is almost always open and has a big variety of foods is "Las Maravillas".
    Las Maravillas
    Las Maravillas (Google Maps)
    Located near the bull fight arena and in the main shopping street, this place is always busy.
    They have a big menu with always something to anyone´s liking.

    If you are looking for a typical Malagan lunch, you should go to "Tarberna la Merced".
    Tarberna la Merced
    Tarberna la Merced (Google Maps)
    This hidden gem is the perfect place to get a local lunch. They have different 3 course menus and everything is super deliscious. And the prices make you feel like you are stealing.
    If you are into cheese cake, Try this for dessert!

    Looking for a fancy romantic dinner with the best views? You should check out "Restaurante Panorámico".
    Restaurante Panorámico
    Restaurante Panorámico (Google Maps)
    On a high floor terrace of the "Catalonia Hotel" is this wonderful romantic restaurant with best views over the bull fight arena and the mountains behind it. I've called and asked: People spend an average of €40,- per person there. But ofcourse you can make it as fancy as you want in this place.

    *Check the links for opening hours.

    The best hiking place is ofcourse in the mountains! Close to Ronda are the mountains "Sierra de las Nieves" (of the snow). (25km)
    The link below will guide you to the starting point. It's Very easy accessible by car and plenty of (free) parking and a public toilet.
    The route itself is well guided with guide poles.
    Area Recreativa Quejigales
    Area Recreativa Quejigales (Google Maps)

    I´m also trying to find out the best way to make the routes of Ronda, and publish them. Please give me a moment.

    *Always bring the right clothing and gear, plenty of food and water while hiking.

    1. "Setenil de las Bodegas" (19km)
    A very small but one of a kind white village inside the mountain wall. (Almost nobody visiting Ronda skips this village)
    Setenil de las Bodegas
    Setenil de las Bodegas (Google Maps)

    2. "Grazalema" (34km)
    A beautiful white village with breath taking views and great hiking routes. (Advice: If you visit this village, combine it with the next on this list "Zahara de la Sierra")
    Grazalema (Google Maps)

    3. "Zahara de la Sierra" (37km)
    Another small white village with stunning views over the reservoir lake. (Advice: Try to combine visiting this place with the neighbouring "Grazalema")
    Zahara de la Sierra
    Zahara de la Sierra (Google Maps)

    4. "Júzcar" (24km)
    No white village this time.. but a actually BLUE village! Yes, this completely Smurfs themed village is where the smurfs come from. A must visit if you have little kids or you just can't let go your inner child just yet.
    Júzcar (Google Maps)

    5. "Mijas Pueblo" (95km)
    Close to "Málaga" is this incredibly beautiful white village with awesome views which always ends up in the top 10 op most beautiful villages of Spain. Well known for their donkey taxis.
    Mijas Pueblo
    Mijas Pueblo (Google Maps)

    Very big public swimming pool in Ronda! "Piscina Municipal Manolo López" (From mid June - mid September)
    There is a entrance fee of a few euros.
    Piscina Municipal Manolo López
    Piscina Municipal Manolo López (Google Maps)

    Natural swimming pool at 14km! "Cueva del Gato" (All year public access, in summer months with life guards and bridge to access easier).
    Ice cold natural pool with water coming straight from the cave. (Free)
    Cueva del Gato
    Cueva del Gato (Google Maps)

    The beach! The best big beach nearby is "La Rada Beach Estepona" (69km)
    Als worth visiting this city after in the historical center of a million flowers!
    La Rada Beach Estepona
    La Rada Beach Estepona (Google Maps)

    Small and bit more expensive supermarket right in the city center, opens every day till late.
    Carrefour Express
    Carrefour Express (Google Maps)

    Very big supermarket that has pretty much everything you might expect from a big Supermarket.
    Mercadona (Google Maps)

    Very big budget supermarket for bigger grocery shopping.
    Lidl (Google Maps)

    *Check the links for opening hours.

    For more tourist inspiration visit the oficial tourist website: