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The best accommodation in Spain (for the normal tourist)

It’s not hard to find the best hotel, apartment or camping in any city of Spain, if you look at stars or the highest prices. We however, are not looking to recommend the accommodations with the most stars. We are looking for the best accommodation in Spain for the regular tourist. Meaning for example, hotels with the best location, a good price and quality ratio and or hotels that are really something special. Or for example camping’s that have the most facilities, best entertainment, and still remain a good price and quality ratio.


How do we determine what are the best accommodations?

First of all, it’s not as hard as you might think. Our regional experts write about the city they call home. We look at the most popular, best talked about places. Plus we look at things like, people returning to the same place or if the accommodations are expanding. These are normally pretty good signs for a popular accommodation.
Secondly, we are independent and this means that business owners can´t contact us to be featured in an article on our website. In other words, if they have the best place in town, we will find it and contact them for additional information ourselves.


The destinations we write about

Our website officially launched January 1st 2019, therefore we still have a lot of destinations to add.
We want to give you all information about the most popular tourist destinations along the Costa of Spain.
But as you can imagine, it will take some time before we have published about all the desired destinations.
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