Sa Palomera in Blanes (Big rocks in the sea)

Sa Palomera in Blanes (Rock formation in the sea)

Sa Palomera is one of my favorite places in Blanes. Above all, because it has an amazing panoramic view over the sea and boulevard. Secondly it’s just far away enough from the boulevard and the city to just hear the waves clashing into it. For me it’s the perfect place to relax with my friends or have a nice romantic talk. (Take note that drinking wine in public is illegal, like many other fun things are).
But be careful when you are up there! Although they have placed more and better fences, after a lethal accident in the summer of 2018, I advise you to stay within these new fences.
Nonetheless, you will notice that many locals climb over these fences to go fishing or even cliff diving. (And yes, this is also illegal).

The gateway to the Costa Brava

Before you reach the stairs to climb on top of the rock you will pass a big arc shaped metal structure.
This structure is a symbolic way to welcome you to the Costa Brava, which runs all the way from Blanes to the border of France. On the southern side you have the Costa Maresme (Better known as Costa Barcelona) all the way to Barcelona. The rock formation of Sa Palomera creates kind of a bay between the harbor of Blanes and the rocks itself. Therefore it´s the ideal fishing spot, even for kids. In the hot summer days you will find many kids going these rocks looking for small crabs and trapped fishes.

The fireworks in Blanes are held right there.

One week a year, often the last 10 days in July, they close the Sa Palomera. This is when they prepare the amazing fireworks show event. Because the fireworks are being launched from the rocks, they close it to the public for their safety. Once you have witnessed one of the shows and how much fireworks are being launched, you’ll understand why.

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