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The best restaurants in Spain for the regular tourist

Finding good food on your holiday is always a bit of a challenge. Therefore, we line up all the best restaurants in Spain at any popular tourist destination. We are not talking about star restaurants with a year’s waiting list on your 2 weeks holiday. Secondly we do won’t write about international fast-food franchises, because you can always easily find them yourself. We write about places that are the most popular because of their food, unique concept and location.


Tell us what you would like to eat

All tourist destinations have a variety of restaurants. We find the best restaurant for you in all the popular categories. Maybe you’re looking for some Italian food or sushi, or you are curious about the local Spanish cuisine?
We look for the best restaurants in your destination, in the categories:
• Western
• Italian
• Sushi
• Chinese
• Mexican
• Döner Kebab
• Local food
If there is a really special place in any other category, we will write about it as well.


What we exactly look for to be the best restaurant in its category

First of all, the quality of the food needs to be outstanding. Secondly, the service has to be great and the customer experience valued. Meaning, if you don’t like your food you can return it (Within reason).
Furthermore, we look at the prices and how popular the restaurant is. The prices have to be fair and affordable for the regular tourist. And of course, our local expert looks at how popular a restaurant really is and how many returning customers they have. This is usually the best indication for a quality restaurant.
We are always independent, and restaurants can’t apply to be featured on our website as a recommendation.