About our Promotions

Unique What2doCosta promotions

While we select the best places in the tourist destinations, we also try to contact the business owners. Not only because we try to collect additional information, but also because we are trying to set up special promotions for you. (Our visitors)
This way we stimulate you to always check our website before exploring new places.


How to claim your special offer

Under every article we explain how you can claim your promotion. Most of the time this will be a simple: “Mention What2doCosta on arrival” or “Mention What2doCosta on your reservation”. If it is any different than this we will carefully explain how to claim your promo on the article.


Promotions responsibility

The promotions are always the responsibility of the business owners. We only mediate by setting up a nice promotion for you. If you encounter any problems claiming the special offer that we present on our website, then please contact us. We can never be held responsible for any issues regarding promotions offered on our website. However, if you experience any problems (within reason) we are always able to investigate and take them off.


Rules of unique promotions

First of all, the What2doCosta promotion has to be unique that only apply to our visitors.
The businesses promotions are often related to their main activity. For example, a restaurant could offer a free desert, and a Go-karts business could offer a certain discount.
What we can’t promote are thing that are against the Spanish law. Therefore we can’t place promotions that offer free alcohol. It´s a bummer but it’s simply not allowed!

Furthermore we have made some rules of our own as well, and we always keep the right to agree on or reject a promo. A business is allowed to have a special offer for example saying, “Free surprise on arrival” but always has to mention the value of its promotion in Euros.