Lunch in Blanes like the locals do. (El Sorrall restaurant)

A Catalan lunch in Blanes

I can imagine you don’t always want to eat the same food as at home. (Especially when you are on a holiday in a foreign country). Well, at the beach side in Blanes lays the El Sorrall restaurant.
Not the most beautiful interior to be honest, but it’s clean.
Famous for its delicious local food and always full, also because of their very low prices.
It’s only open 3 hours a day during lunchtime and is always packed, you’ve got to reserve a table!

Always a 3 course meal

This concept couldn’t be any simpler. You pay a set price and have a 3 course meal.
You can choose your starters, seconds and dessert from the menu and that’s it. There is no option to just order just one thing and why should you? The price is right and the food really tasty.


About their food

Over the many years, their have come to this stage where they have the perfect menu.
If you ask the locals, they all have a favorite dish that makes them come back to this restaurant.
The most popular starter dish (according to its staff) is the “Timbal de manzana”.
This is an apple mixture with gratin goats cheese and happens to be my favorite as well.

For seconds, the most popular dish is the “Bacalao con Alioli” (Cod with garlic) and is very rich in taste and my recommendation if you like fish dishes.

The most popular dessert is the “Pastel de Naranja”, a freshly made pastry with oranges. But I must say that I’ve had pretty much all desserts and they are all delicious.

If you pick these 3 things of the menu, you’ll have a great lunch in Blanes.


The prices are incredibly low. During week days you pay €16,- for this 3 course meal and in the weekend you pay €22,-. The prices of the drinks are ridiculously low. For a few euros you have a bottle of absolutely beautiful house wine.

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Passeig de s’Abanell, 6, 17300 Blanes, Girona.

Opening hours
Every day of the week: 13:00 – 16:00
If you look for the best local food restaurant at dinner time, I advice you to go to Es Blanc.

Contact to reserve (Advised)
Phone: +34 972 333 420
Every day from 10:00 till 18:00.

Free wifi!

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