Es Blanc (The best local food restaurant in Blanes)

The best local food restaurant in Blanes (Es Blanc)

If you want to try some great local food at a very stylish place, Es Blanc is the best local food restaurant in Blanes! They don’t only serve local dishes but also local products, often fish.
The restaurant Es Blanc is without any doubt at the best location possible in Blanes. First of all it’s in front of the Sa Palomera and has a panoramic view along the entire beach and harbor. Secondly you can’t walk the boulevard without bumping into it.

About their food and drinks

The quality of their food is probably the best they can find and you’ll notice that immediately. You can taste, see and smell that the products are fresh and of high quality. Since local food mainly exists out of fish dishes, you´ll find plenty of that on their menu.

On the menu you can find typical local rice dishes with crab, shrimps from the Blanes fish auction, etc. And even Sushi. (This is of course a concept that is far from local)
They also have delicious meat dishes but don’t expect the biggest portions. In this place it’s more about quality than about quantity.

Interior, terrace and hygiene

They have many rooms, a covered terrace and a small terrace outside and all of them are very stylish decorated. They have nice lounge music that fit perfectly and they have very comfortable places to sit. And I must say that every time I´ve been there it´s so clean, a doctor could operate in there.


Staff and service

They have a staff of professionals, and they are well dressed in uniform and very attentive. Although a bit formal as you might expect from a place like this. You don’t really have to look around for a refill, because there is always plenty of staff waiting to serve.



As you might expect from my review, this is not the cheapest local food restaurant in Blanes.
It’s the best and therefore you pay a bit more, but it’s still very affordable for the regular tourists. For example: A day menu during the week will costs you around €27,50 and during the weekend around €38,- With this menu you will have everything you need to walk away with a full belly.

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Carrer del Mirador de s’Auguer, 26, 17300 Blanes, Girona

Telephone: 0034 972 33 00 49

Opening hours:
Every day: 09:00 – 02:00

Kitchen: (November – March)
Every day: 13:00 – 16:00 & 20:00 – 23:00

Free wifi!

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