Bars & Discos

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Going out at your destination in Spain

Most likely, you want to have a few drinks on your holiday in Spain. We will provide all information about the best places to go to at your destination. (So you can spend more time having fun and less time looking for it!). We put Bars and Discos in the same category. Because in Spain those definitions are a bit different than you might be used to. For that reason, on our website we define bars as places where you can sit down, maybe shoot some pool but mainly relax and have some drinks. We define places as discos if there is loud music and mainly a lot of dancing going on. Think about clubs and the regular discotheques.


Best bars at your destination in Spain

What we look for in a bar to call it the best in town are a certain things. First of all, the bar has to have a nice interior and exterior. Secondly, it has to be clean and look out of the ordinary. We also look at its staff and customers, no friendly ‘Hi!’ means ‘Bye!’. Plus we don´t want to recommend a place where it’s very likely you get bothered (Too much) by other customers. Furthermore there has to be a good range of quality products. It has to be a popular place with something fun to do.


Best discos at your destination in Spain

To be called the best (or one of the best) discotheque in town, it has to have a nice looking and clean interior and exterior. It has to have plenty of space and well air conditioned.
We all know what can happen at places where there is a lot of people drinking alcohol. Therefore we also look at the reputation of the disco. If it’s too much known for its violence or lack of security we won’t write about it.
We do write about places where customers are well dressed, and where you can comfortably enjoy some nice drinks or dance on some good music.