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Best Events and festivals in Spain (Local and regional)

Maybe you are lucky enough to be around during a great event or festival at your destination. Or maybe you are traveling to this destination for this great event. Nonetheless, it’s great to know what all the best events in your city or region are once you’re there. On our website you will find all the best annual, local and regional events that are worth a visit. We also provide information about all concerts of internationally known artists. So you might want to check your events at your destination, to not miss out on your favorite artists performance.


What type of events and festivals we write about

We write about annual events and festivals that have proven their success over the years. Every destination or surrounding cities have they own cultural events in Spain. We are dedicated to inform you about the events you should really not miss. For example, think about color runs, firework shows, human towers or the tomato throwing festival in Buñol. (You probably don’t want to end up there with your new clothes, caught by surprise).


Concerts and music festivals

Especially during the tourist season, there are loads of concerts and music festivals. We will show you with a special calendar, the interesting concerts and festivals in the region of your destination. We try to provide information about events and concerts as accurate as we can. But we are also only human, so always double check with the events own website. There will be a link at every concert and festival we show, for you to double check.
However, we can’t be held responsible for any mistake in our information. We will be deeply sorry, and correct it immediately if it ever occurs though!