Diving in Blanes (With Blanes-Sub)

Diving in Blanes

If you are into diving, or always wanted to try it sometime, you’re in luck!
Blanes Sub is the perfect place to help you organize your dive for all levels.
They even have their own classroom for you to be able to get a diving license (If you want to go unsupervised or deeper than 12 meters). You can dive or go snorkeling but always book in advance.

An amazing underwater experience

Diving in Blanes is an unforgettable experience.
First of all, you have the option to go by boat or to start from the hidden beach in the harbor of Blanes.
Secondly, you can choose where to go!
You have full freedom in exploring bays and Mediterranean underwater species.
The waters of the Costa Brava are super clear and have many underwater rocks, the favorite place for the most beautiful underwater creatures.

Snorkeling in Blanes is so relaxing

Everybody that has snorkeled before, knows how relaxing the underwater silence is.
While searching for underwater treasures you will enter a state of mind that you are looking for on a holiday. Blanes Sub provides all the equipment you need like goggles, flippers and even a wet suit if you like. You will start from the small beach or by boat from the harbor and right around the corner there is this amazing bay. This bay is inaccessible from land and therefore completely untouched. You can only watch this bay from the Marimurtra botanical garden. (Or by boat or swimming of course).
Snorkeling costs €22,- per person for a 2 hour supervised trip.


The many beautiful bays of the Costa Brava.

Blanes is the first city of the Costa brava. And the Costa Brava is world famous for its spectacular bays.
Whether you go to Cala Boadella, Cala S’agulla, or Cala de Sant Francesc, you will see that every bay has something unique to offer. It’s stunningly beautiful and really a lot of fun.

Diving prices

The prices for diving in Blanes are super affordable!
If you are new to diving, I advice you to take the ‘Try Dive’ deal. This will cost you €60,- for a 2 hour course where you will first learn the theory and equipment preparation, and finally a 30/35 minutes dive.

There are also 2 or 5 day diving courses where they will teach you how to dive up to 12 or 20 meters deep. This course will cost you €210,-.

If you already are a certified diver you can go on one of the dive trips. You can bring your own gear you can dive from €12,- (You just pay for the tank of oxygen). When you rent the entire gear and oxygen tank it will cost you from €36,- if you start from the beach. (€50,- if you go by boat).

Location of the shop

Carrer Esplanada del Port, 14, 17300 Blanes, Girona, Spanje
From the shop they will guide you to the nearby diving center.

Hours of the tours

Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00, 12:00 and 16:00.
Mondays: Closed


Every trip or course have to be reserved. You can call the following number to reserve:
Phone: +34 646 962 056


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