Color Run Blanes (5-7-2020) CANCELED FOR 2020 BECAUSE OF COVID-19

The Color Run of Blanes

The color run of banes is the most fun sports event of Blanes, to participate or to watch.
This July will be the 5th edition of the Blanes Color Run and every year it’s a great party.
The run itself is only 3km along the beautiful beachside, and is a must see if you are in the area.

Foam After party on the beach

After the run (at the start/finish location) there is an awesome foam party on the beach.
If you think.. “Ahh that’s nice, then I’ll get out clean after” you need to think again, but it’s surely a lot of fun. With loud music, people celebrating their victories and usually a lot of sun, you should never miss it!

Date, time and start location of the event

This year the run will be held on 5th of July at 19:00 hour.

Start and Finish location (same):

This location is also where the famous Carl Faust statue is. (Founder of the Marimurtra Botanic Garden)


3km Color Run Blanes Route

Do you want to participate?

It’s possible for everyone to participate at this event, but you need to register.
Besides, there is only room for 1200 participators!
From the 1st of June till the 3th of July you are able to register online (link of 2020 not verified yet) (Registering online costs €6,-). Also on the 4th (from 17:00 – 20:00) and 5th of July (17:00 – 18:30) you can register at the starting location. (Offline registration costs €8,-) If you registered online this is also the location and time to pick up your bag. (The bag includes your own number and sunglasses) Just don’t forget to bring your ID or inscription when you pick these up.

A word of advice
The effect is so much nicer on white clothes. Just make sure you put on clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined.
And final tip for blondies, put on some coconut oil on your hair/eyebrows/beard before you start. (If you dont want yellow/green hair for a week).

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