Carnaval in Blanes (Parade 23-2-2020)

Carnaval parade in Blanes.

Every year groups from all over the region compete for the first price in this carnaval parade.
And it’s bigger and better than you might expect from a carnaval parade in Blanes.
After all it’s just a small city, but it seems that the entire population come to the city center to watch this yearly event.

It’s a competition!

Every group is competing for the prestigious 1st price of “Rua del Carnestoltes”. The 1st price winners will receive a price of maximum €1.200.

They will be receiving point on originality, the most beautiful decorated vehicles, choreography, costumes and make up. And you can see they really do their best to win.


So, what can you expect?

Basically, groups dancing synchronized in the coolest outfits, guided by decorated and sound system carrying vehicles. I must say that although there is up-beat and especially loud dance music playing, the local crowd is relatively quiet. Also, they leave right after the parade is over because there is nothing organized for a after party on the streets. A wasted opportunity if you ask me.

So the best place to go after the parade is to one of these bars.


When and where is this parade?

Of course it’s being held during the week of carnaval. This parade is always on a Sunday and starts around 17:00.
The route of the parade may variate a little bit, but if you are on the main shopping street “Rambla de Joaquim Ruyra” you can be sure they will pass by in front of you.
I always like to stand on the high point of the roundabout as shown on the map below:

Plaça de Catalunya, 17300 Blanes, Girona, Spanje

There are not so many tourists yet, because it so early in the season. If you happen to be around during carnaval, watching the parade is definitely something that I can recommend.
There is loud music, beautifully dressed people and bars are running at full capacity.

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