Best restaurants in Blanes

Finding good food on your holiday is always a bit of a challenge, therefore we present you the best restaurants in Blanes. First of all, you need to decide what you would like to eat.
We are independent and select the best restaurants (for regular tourists) in all popular categories. We select these by looking at location, popularity, price and quality ratio, hygiene, staff and service.


The best western food in Blanes

Meat, potato and vegetables are the base for the typical western food restaurants.
For most Europeans and Americans, this can be considered as food from home.

Texas Ranch Steakhouse in Blanes

Texas Ranch restaurant in Blanes If you are from the north or western part of Europe this popular restaurant in ...
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The best Italian in Blanes

Pasta, pizza, you name it. Here we display all the best Italian restaurants in Blanes.

La Toscana Italian restaurant in Blanes.

La Toscana (Best Italian restaurant in Blanes)

The best Italian restaurant in Blanes (La Toscana) First of all, this is the best Italian restaurant in Blanes but ...
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Best sushi in Blanes

Are you in for some Sushi? We have selected the best sushi restaurants in Blanes.

Akuma Sushi restaurant in Blanes.

Sushi restaurant in Blanes (Akuma)

Akuma Sushi restaurant in Blanes From the moment Akuma was opened in June 2018, it instantly became the most popular ...
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The best Mexican in Blanes

Fajitas, burritos, nachos, etc., are great Mexican dishes. We show you the best Mexican restaurants in Blanes.

El Mexicanito the best mexican restaurant in Blanes

El mexicanito (The best mexican restaurant in Blanes)

Mexican restaurant in Blanes (El mexicanito) Its name “El Mexicanito” is Spanish for “the small Mexican”, and that´s exactly what ...
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Best Döner Kebab in Blanes

Most of us love our kebab from time to time. Although, it can be a bit difficult to find a good place that is clean and sell good quality products. We show you the best Döner Kebab restaurant in Blanes.

Kebab Do¨ner restaurant in Blanes. Mr Döner

Mr. Döner (The best döner kebab restaurant in Blanes)

Döner Kebab restaurant in Blanes (Mr. Döner) If you are looking for the best kebab or döner in Blanes, you ...
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Best local food in Blanes

You might be curious about what the locals eat! If so, check out our selection of best local food restaurants in Blanes. These restaurants often offer a lot of fish dishes and local delicatessens.

Es Blanc the best local food restaurant in Blanes.

Es Blanc (The best local food restaurant in Blanes)

The best local food restaurant in Blanes (Es Blanc) If you want to try some great local food at a ...
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The best restaurants in Blanes that don’t fit in the main categories

Here you see restaurants that don’t fit in the most popular categories, but are too good not to be mentioned.

A typical local lunch place.

Lunch in Blanes like the locals do. (El Sorrall restaurant)

A Catalan lunch in Blanes I can imagine you don't always want to eat the same food as at home ...
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