Getting around in Blanes

You probably don’t want to stay your entire holiday in the same place, therefore we show you how to get around to nearby cities. There are several good options we would like to mention.

Public transport

Blanes is pretty well connected to its neighboring cities by public transport. Although the timetables of the train and bus you can often throw in the garbage because it´s more an estimate than a true fact. If you are on time you will be fine, they are hardly ever early and you probably just have to wait.

Take the train if you want to go to:
• Barcelona, or any coastal cities in that direction (Malgrat de Mar, Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar, Calella, etc.).
• Girona/Gerona (Catalan/Spanish). Do yourself a favor and take the R1 line, so you don’t need to switch trains in Maçanet.
All information about the train station, how to get there, prices, lines and timetables you will find here:

Take the bus if you want to go to:
• Lloret de Mar (City busline 1)
• Tossa de Mar (Intercity Bus) Tickets can be bought directly from the bust terminal.
All information about the bus terminal, its location, destinations and prices you will find here:

Getting around by bicycle

To get around Blanes by a regular bicycle is very doable. (Except for the big hill with on top the ‘Castel of San Joan’ of course). It´s also very doable to go south all the way to Calella, this is a very flat route, along the coast side.
If you want to further explore the area by bike, you might want to consider using a Sport bike (mountain or race bicycle). For beginners it´s pretty doable to go to Lloret de Mar, or land inward towards Hostalric. But only if you are really advanced you can get to Tossa de Mar or on top of the Montseny mountain through Arbucies. They are both really nice routes!
All information about renting a bicycle in Blanes you can find right here:

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Renting a Car

You might want to discover new places at your own pace. Especially if you are with a family, renting a car is the most ideal thing to do. We have selected the best car renting company available in Blanes. First of all, we look at their service, lowest prices, how many and what type of cars they offer. Secondly, we check how easy it is to arrange the legal things, like temporary insurances so you don´t need to worry about a thing!

Renting a Motor

If you are a lonely traveler or a couple, renting a motor can be a lot of fun and a good way to get around. A big advantage is the ability to park easily at almost any location.
In Spain you are allowed to rent a motor up to 125cc with a regular international B car drivers license. These things go fast and therefore it’s no luxury to have a good insurance. We have selected the best place to rent a motor in Blanes, looking at their service, lowest prices, and how many types of motors they offer. And how easy it is to arrange a temporary insurance.