The best events in Blanes and region

Like every city or town in Spain, Blanes has its own cultural and special events.
Spanish people are often very proud of their local culture, and put a lot of effort in their annual events. The events are often connected to some Saints name day, and every town had their own saint protector. Therefore, that day they are often free from work and you’ll see a lot of locals attending the event.


Best local annual events in Blanes

Here you see all the best annually returning events in Blanes. We write about the festivals that have proven themselves over the years and have become very popular.
If you are lucky enough to be around at these times, you should definitely check these out.

Fireworks in blanes

Els focs de Blanes (Fireworks in Blanes 23 – 26 July 2020)

Fireworks in Blanes (Els focs de Blanes) The biggest event in Blanes of the year! The fireworks in Blanes attract ...
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Carnaval Parade in Blanes.

Carnaval in Blanes (Parade 23-2-2020)

Carnaval parade in Blanes. Every year groups from all over the region compete for the first price in this carnaval ...
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Color Run Blanes

Color Run Blanes (5-7-2020) CANCELED FOR 2020 BECAUSE OF COVID-19

The Color Run of Blanes The color run of banes is the most fun sports event of Blanes, to participate ...
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Best events in the region

Like mentioned before, every city and town have their very own annual events. Below you will find the visit worthy events and festivals of close by villages and cities.

Temps de Flors Girona

Flower Festival Girona (Temps de Flors 9 – 17 May 2020) CANCELED FOR 2020 BECAUSE OF COVID-19

Temps de Flors (Flower festival in Girona) Since 1954, Girona is the host city of the free annual "Temps de ...
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Music festivals in the region

The tourist season is often also festival season. Therefore, the chance of having a nearby festival while you are here is big. We show all the music festivals in the area of Blanes that you might be interested in.


The best concerts in the region

Blanes is near to some big cities where often many great concerts are held. Obviously, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a concert of one of your favorite artists! Therefore we show you all the concerts of internationally known artists that are nearby while you are here in blanes.