Bars & Discos

The best bars in Blanes

There are a huge amount of bars in Blanes that it’s difficult to see the forest through all those trees. So you might ask, what is the best bar in Blanes? Well, our local guide has the answers to that. First of all, the guide looks at location, popularity, prices and quality of the products. Secondly, if the place is clean and looks nice, plus what type of customers and staff they have.

La Polinesia (Cocktailbar in Blanes)

The best cocktail bar in Blanes (La Polinesia) If you want to chill out with some friends or your partner, ...
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Cotton Bar in Blanes

Cotton Blanes (Bar in Blanes)

Classic Rock bar in Blanes (Cotton) This is one of my favorite bars in Blanes. Why?, because I like to ...
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Best coffee places

Is it time for some good coffee and a snack? Then these places in Blanes are really something special. What’s better than to refuel yourself while having some nice views?

Casa Oliveras cafe in Blanes roof terrace view!

Casa Oliveras 1890 (The best cafe in Blanes)

Best cafe in Blanes (Casa Oliveras 1890) If you are in for a good cup of coffee with amazing views, ...
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Best tapas in Blanes

If you want to enjoy the warm summer evenings like the Spanish do, you go to a tapas bar.
Here you see the best tapas bars in Blanes, where you can really enjoy some good bites and drinks.

Tapasbar in Blanes La Tapeta

La Tapeta Blanes (Tapasbar in Blanes)

Tapas in Blanes (La Tapeta) This tapas bar in Blanes is the place to go if you want some good ...
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The best discotheques in Blanes

If you are ready to get your feet of the ground, you are at the right destination.
Blanes has plenty discos for you to enjoy a good night out.
We have selected the best discos in town, looking at location, prices and quality, popularity and overall satisfaction. Furthermore we look at the reputation of the discotheque.
We all know what can happen if there is a lot of people and alcohol. Therefore our local guide also looks at the reputation of the venue, and how satisfactory the crowd control is.