Best accommodations in Blanes

We are continuously looking for the best accommodations in Blanes. First of all, we are independent and look for places that have the best quality price ratio. Therefore, we look at things like, location, their food, staff, what extra things they offer and how clean the accommodations are.
In short, if we write about it will be a safe choice for you.


Best hotels in Blanes

These are currently the best hotels in Blanes. We look at location, price and quality ratio, and staff, how clean the rooms are, how nice their food is and if they have nice entertainment.

Best hotel in Blanes Pimar & Spa

Hotel Pi-Mar & Spa (Best hotel in Blanes)

Best hotel in Blanes for the regular tourist (Hotel Pi-Mar & Spa) Are you looking for a great but affordable ...
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Best camping’s and bungalow parks in Blanes.

Here you see the best camping’s in Blanes. In this category we look at location, price and quality ratio, facilities, staff and entertainment. In the category best bungalow parks we also look at how clean the accommodation is.

Camping La Masia in Blanes

Top camping of Blanes If you are a family and let your kids choose a camping in Blanes, Top camping ...
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Campin in Blanes

Camping Blanes (Camping in Blanes)

Camping in Blanes When I first came to look for a camping in Blanes (2012 I believe), I came across ...
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Best apartments in Blanes

Beneath, you’ll see the best apartments in Blanes. Hence the fact an apartment is defined by having its own cooking facility, we look at its kitchen and attributes. We also look at location, price and quality ratio and how clean the apartments are.


Best rental houses in Blanes

And last but not least we show you the best rental houses in Blanes. Note that, most rental houses are a bit further situated from the tourist center. And often even at rural places. Therefore, we look in this category in a slightly larger area as the others. When it comes to rental houses we look at location, price and quality ratio, cooking facilities how clean the house and garden is.